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    uninstall fragments

    First time Hello and Happy New Year to all.

    I use my computer mainly for my biz, but my boys get on it and have either downloaded stuff off net or installed games etc.

    I have tried to uninstall using either add/remove facility or looked in "about" section of help screen.....all to no avail.

    I am guessing that they may have either deleted files or run from I can not get rid of these remnants. I always get a message that can not uninstall as a certain file not found, etc.

    There don't seem to be exe. files lurking in any folders so it's mainly headers in the add/remove screen or partial files remaining.

    Being a neat freak I'd like to clean this crap out...thinking that maybe a 3rd party uninstall may work or do they only install those programs they witnessed installing? typing finger is bushed!...sorry[img]/w3timages/icons/blush.gif[/img]

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    Re: uninstall fragments

    I have used a program called registry compressor pro, which is shareware. Ran OK when I used it but backup your computer before you do anything with the Windows registry. I also use Norton Utilities which finds old tags to programs and will delete those things. Sometimes you can run (msconfig) from the Start,Run box and then open the startup tab. This tells you what programs are loaded on startup and sometimes there are notices to register programs left in that place. Again, don't do anything without backing up your complete hard drive and be careful out there. A cheaper alternative is to buy a cheap computer for the kids. Also, get a virus protection program and I also use Zone Alarm which provides a pretty good firewall. If your kids are getting on the Internet, you are vulnerable and your business is also vulnerable.

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    Re: uninstall fragments

    Download Tweakui.exe from Microsoft. You can then clean out the wayward entries in the Add/Remove programs section of control panel

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