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    A utility that helps with hard-drive cleaning


    A utility that helps with hard-drive cleaning

    By Nathan Segal

    For almost all Windows users, the time eventually comes when you need to free up space on your hard drive or drives. Unless you're unusually organized, the task of finding unwanted files can be a nightmare. WinDirStat is a small, open-source utility that can help.

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    Directory Sorting

    A lot of the older de-fragging and organization utilities used to include the option to also sort folders in the directory. The ones I've looked at lately don't include that option, although Piriform's Defraggler is considering that option for a future release. do you know of any that currently have this ability? I know this doesn't happen by virtue of teh fact that the thumb drive I use for music in my car, even after having done a complete de-fragment on it, still plays the most recently added folders on the drive AFTER the older ones, regardless of the defragmentation.

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