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    Question Finding printer driver already installed on my system

    I am (was) using an HP Laserjet series 1200 monochrome printer. I have installed the driver several times. I haven't confirmed this, but it seems like whenever I plug it into a different USB port, it wants the driver installed again. I'm not sure where I got the driver, but I can't find it using Windows Update now.

    Is the driver a discreet file I can burn to a disc so I have it whenever the printer needs it? Where can it be found?



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    When you say you've installed the driver several times, how are you doing that?

    HP would be the place to go to find the most current drivers for your printer.

    The HP Support Center for the LaserJet 1200 can be found here...

    On that same page, you may also want to check out the Top Issues and Solutions section.
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    Also of note is that the printer is re-identifying each time you change the USB port, have seen the same happen with External HDDs [Hard Disk Drives]. To avoid that problem I have my HP Laserjet M1212 plugged into my Router using an Ethernet cable and installed as a Network printer, all computers I install the software on can use it whether Wired to the Router or Wi-Fi.

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    Perhaps a clean out of the USB drivers would help and it's possible the INFCACHE.1 file could be corrupt.

    This article deals with both

    I don't know if this MS Fixit does anything with the INFCACHE.1 file, but you can also give that a try.

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