Someone somewhere in this website suggested the quick and easy way to clean up IE bookmarks was to use the file system directly through Windows Explorer and deleting or rearranging files in the appropriate user's Favorites folder. My results lead me to disagree with that method.

Previously I used the very tedious interface provided by IE.

Gotta admit though one thing was great about using that tool; with my Win 8.1 phone plugged into the PC, and logged into the Hotmail account, all my changes synced immediately to the phone.

Back to the subject issue, when I moved ".url" files around, no deletes were made, the browser Favorites were corrupted, and many of the files I touched ended up in the recycle bin.

Thoughts on that anyone?

Here's a kicker, they weren't visible in the GUI Recycle Bin (could be I didn't request hidden to be seen) but they definitely showed up in the DOS prompt. I was able to restore them via the prompt but that phase of the ordeal isn't finished. I may need to manually use each URL file and create new Favorites so IE will recognize them.

Any suggestions for a better way to manipulate IE favorites? Gotta love the phone sync, but gee whiz the fact you can't view the tree totally slows things down.


Two final related things, a rant, WHY MICROSOFT WHY did you initially automatically sync my phone favorites to the favorites on the Hotmail account?!? It was bad enough you tricked me into using that account as my administrator's account, but now my favorites on my phone are my deliberately very limited scope admin favorites, not my "hey I'm out in the world, totally away from my PC" favorites. ---semi-humor