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    Multiple Windows updates

    I returned from my snowbird trip to find multiple Window updates for my desk top. I never had any problems after installing updates. But this time I have all kinds of problems. M computer freezes up and has to be powered down with the on-off button. Or it shuts down and restarts itself. It takes longer to boot, and has some funny (different) boot processes.
    I can't tell you which updates were installed and I have no idea what is causing the problem. I have Norton thru Comcast for my security and no significant problems were found.
    I have Win 7 and use Firefox for my browser.
    All help welcomed

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    The 12 WUs I got for this month for my Win 7 x64 installed okay.

    Suggest you use your restore points to prior the WUs and then just select one WU at a time to install, creating a restore point after each until the problem returns, although Windows will create its own restore point prior to each update - but I think belt and braces is best.

    Probably best to use your prior restore point in Safe Mode.

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