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    Exclamation Microsoft Security Essentials updates for XP cease in three months

    Wow, how quickly one forgets. I forgot the April 8th anniversary when MS pulled the plug on XP support last year. I note from the drop in postings on this XP forum that many have obviously moved on. Last I looked XP was still visiting web sites 17% of the time. So some of you battle onward.

    Just thought I'd remind everyone still using XP AND Microsoft Security Essentials, that Microsoft Security Essentials updates for XP will cease in 3 months making Microsoft Security Essentials rapidly worthless as an anti-malware program for XP. End of support (updates) for XP is July 14, 2015.

    Time to look for a anti-malware app that is still committed to continue supporting the XP OS if you plan to continue opening up this computer to the Internet and emails. Many anti-malware companies will undoubtedly discontinue their support on or just beyond the same time MS ends theirs for XP. A few will continue support for years to come.
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    AVG 2015 FREE, still supports Windows XP with no problems, and if you upgrade to a newer OS, it will protect that OS too.

    I'm running it on every OS from XP to Windows 10 TP, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

    Just sayin' .........

    Experience is truly the best teacher.

    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware still supports Windows XP (minimum XP SP2). Buy the Premium version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for real-time protection. And be sure to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials completely from any XP machines after July 14, 2015.
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    Avast! is committed to XP till 2017 at least.

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    This AV-TEST article is from April 2014, but it has some useful stats on protection and performance of various AV solutions running on XP...

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    My AV signature data hasn't updated since 5/31.
    If I try to update manually it seems to download and install but then reports a failure due to network connectivity, which is wrong...
    My MBAM Premium continues to update and run fine.
    I wonder if MS has puled the update plug early vs. 7/15.
    Maybe it's time to uninstall MSE.
    Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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