After dealing with the nearly ubiquitous Windows update greeting upon waking my computer yesterday evening I find that my contact names are not sortable or searchable by last name. I now have to enter first names to get any change in the listing. When I enter a last name the cursor moves to the top of the list but the list is not showing any group of names with that last name.

Going into the Options menu selection under the File tab I find the "Full Name order" is set to Last,First, and the "File As" is set to Last, First (Company). I changed the settings then changed them back and still no joy.

It's the Windows update more than likely, right??????

I have scanned my system with my Malware scanner and nothing popped up. I did the same with my anti-virus with the same result.

IF a Lounge assistant is going to suggest getting rid of the evening's Windows update how may I go about doing that.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Gardella