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    Printing Envelope from Single Outlook Contact

    Is there a way yet to simply print a #10 envelope from an Outlook contact? The steps to use Outlook mail merge and print from Word are far too complex and time consuming for my group of users to do one contact at a time. I also tried printing from Word's envelopes and labels wizard but the contact folder located in public folders doesn't show up. (Yes, the folder's box is checked for it to appear in address book.) Maybe there is a third party solution? Or a VB solution?

    Here's my situation: A group of our users have been using a single Word file to store their client addresses. Of course, only one person can have it open for editing at any given time. Occasionally there is corruption and changes do not get saved. One of them may print multiple envelopes in a day but never at the same time. No way to do them all at the same time so mail merge is out. The file is rather large at 83 pages and continues to grow. They also use this file as a master client list with columns for file number, phone, etc. Very much not the best way to do what they are doing. My first thought was to see if they could be using OneNote because it can be shared so easily with a group and all could perform edits. But there is no way to print envelopes from OneNote. Next best thing would be to have a shared contact folder in Outlook where they could all make edits but there are, well, the problems I say above.

    We are using Office 2010 64bit on Windows 7 64bit computers.

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    Maybe there is a third party solution?
    I have Word/Office on a couple of computers but always go to WordPerfect for printing envelopes and labels, much simpler than Word's MailMerge, been using it since my first computer in '92. I can do single envelopes and partial sheets of labels.

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