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    Question Finding superscript numbers and text of certain color


    I want to find text like "Ref. 43", i.e., "Ref." is in online and the numbers are in superscript. I can find "Ref. " with any number using wildcards, but don't know how to find that numbers are in superscript! (WORD VBA)

    In addition, I want to find text in pink colour and make it normal (color: auto), using word macro.

    Can anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    R. Alexandar
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    You will need to check for the Unicode character equivalent...
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    You will need to supply a sample document that demonstrates these.

    The finding of Ref. followed by superscript numbers may require a multi-stage process or a macro. For instance, you could search for superscript and add something unique after it and then do a search for the 'Ref. ##uniquechar' in order to find that which you seek. Do you want to code this or do it with search and replace through the GUI?

    You can search for a colour but you need to specify exactly that colour in RGB. It only needs to be off by a tiny amount to not be found.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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