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    Can't install any updates, Windows or otherwise

    Hi, last patch Tuesday I was updating when something on the computer hiccuped. Since then, while the computer seems to be running fine it will not let me continue updating patches. All fail. Furthermore, other updates are not installing either like Java, or iTunes, Adobe, etc.

    I've run McAfee antivirus, Malwarebytes and also done a defrag and scandisk but the problem continues.

    Is it possible that a setting in the registry (or somewhere else) has changed to disallow me to install updates on my computer.

    It's a DELL running Windows 7 and prior to this issue has been running fine with no issues.

    Thank you for you time and help, if possible.

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    In Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, check to see that Windows Installer and Windows Update services are not disabled...


    If you have a recent System Restore point saved before 4/14, you might do a System Restore in Safe Mode.

    Because security software can sometimes interfere with System Restore completing, boot into Safe Mode "again" after the initial restore finishes and reboots your system.
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    When you have problems with Windows Updates it's always worth running the System Update Readiness Tool but also check Event Viewer which will probably have recorded any service failures/hiccups.

    For elimination purposes I think you should also temporarily uninstall iTunes as it has been known to cause anomalous problems.
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    I suspect the problem described by the OP is caused by something in recent WU patches. Since the March WU patches I have worked on two Win7 and three Win8.1 computers that were having Windows Installer issues; updates failed to install, could install/uninstall certain programs but not others, etc.

    Googling the problem returned many results but no really helpful fix apart from the usual "clean install" ultimate solution. In each case I had to perform a repair-reinstall (fortunately back in Nov.2014 I downloaded the Win8.1 ISOs).
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