I'm having a problem on my NT machine (Build 1381 SR6). I've been having some problems reading graphic files-- not sure if all of these are related:

FrontPage 98: Works fine, except on one page where it crashes with message: Cannot load "AVIFIL32.DLL"
MS Image Composer 1.5: Won't read certain TIFF files (may be format has been updated and pgm has not?)
MS Photo Editor: Won't start. At all.
XnView 1.25: Downloaded this freeware (may cows) to read a TIFF file. On startup, message appears: "The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be found in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." I know I have seen this error message before, but I can't remember it or replicate it.

I think I'm on the most recent version of Kernel32 (11/18/1999).

To make matters worse, I am in a corporate environment, so most resources (like NT and application CDs) are not readily available to me. I could get consumed in a vortex of corporate red tape and electronic workflow approvals!