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    Proactive for Exchange database corruption

    I would like to know if there is a way to tell if the database started getting corrupt at the first bit.
    I mean it would be nice to tell if the DB has started to get corrupt from the beginning so that you can step in to fix it ?
    Initially, I though in Exchange 2010 if the primary copy gets corrupt the data will not replicate to the passive copy, but from reading online I found out I was wrong.

    So I need to be alerted when the DB starts getting corrupt and how to fix that ?

    Thank you

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    The Windows Event Log is your friend. Create a monitor job that notifies you of Exchange errors in Event Log, then you can check what is or isn't happening.
    I use and recommend Advanced Host Monitor because it's relatively cheap but still effective and it's very flexible. It does take some care in set up and self monitoring, but "normal" enterprise monitors start expensive and go up from there.

    cheers, Paul

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