I use a set of batch files to copy data to and from a zip drive on several computers to keep them in sync. The system has worked well for me for years. Now, I have purchased a slightly used computer running Windows ME and the system that I use just fine on Windows 95 and Windows 98 is broken. I can work around it but I would prefer to figure out what is going on since it appears to be a bug in Windows ME and not anything I am doing.

To start with, I have a batch file called StartDOS.BAT that sets the path, loads DOSKEY, and generally gets DOS set up the way I want it. The copy and get batch files that I use to move the data to and from the zip drive are specified in the Windows menu. For each one of them, I specify StartDOS.BAT as the batch file to run when I right click on the icon, select Properties, and then select the Program tab.

Under Windows 95 and 98, the result is that the batch file has the path set for it and I only have to maintain the path in one location. Under Windows ME, the path is not set by this batch file. (I verified this by putting a PATH statement in the copy batch file.) In fact, it looks like Windows ME ignores this batch file altogether.

I tried adding a CALL D:BATSTARTDOS.BAT command to the top of my copy and get batch files to work around this and that works but when the batch file finishes, Windows shows a message saying my "pop up" is now ready to run, what ever that means.

I can avoid the problem by putting a path statement at the top of each batch file and that is what I am now doing. But, does anyone know why Windows ME is behaving this way?