Micorsoft announces hardware DRM for Windows 10:

Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs


While this seems constrained to 4k video, once the chip is in place, it can be applied to anything (everything?)

So, where will such a hardware DRM chip reside...in the video monitor (for decoding streaming video), on a video playback device (the 4k equivalent of a BluRay player), or in the PC itself?

To make this work so it can't be broken, the chip can't be micro-code, or else that will get broken by the miscreants the same way they have broken things like BIOS and disk drive firmware. But you know how PC makers are...they don't want to provide fixes that require changing the silicon.

Along with Hello, Passport, and DeviceGuard, it seems this is going to add additional burdon to the task of marketing Windows 10 to the populace.