Hey Y'all,

I just did a Bare Metal install of Win 10 TP on my laptop (Upgrade install from W7 failed!). After updating to 10061 from the 10041 install I started to set it up like my desktop. While trying to setup Favorites (for NAS locations) in File Explorer (now Pinned locations) I found out that changing the name of the pinned item actually changed the name of the folder on the NAS. It did not do this in Win 8.1 Update 1.

Point in case I have a folder on the NAS: \\MyBookLive\CMShared\Downloads and on my Win 8 Favorites list in FE I have it showing NAS-Downloads. When I pinned this directory in the Win 10TP FE it showed as a second Downloads folder. So I right-clicked on it and changed it to NAS-Downloads and low and behold it changed the folder name so it is now \\MyBookLive\CMShared\NAS-Downloads! Of course it was no longer accessible from the Win 8.1 FE Favorites.

The fix was easy just recreating the Win 8.1 Favorite to point to NAS-Downloads, but of course I'll still have to do this on my Wife's laptop.

Just thought I'd give y'all a heads up so don't wonder "what the heck..." if you try this and then can't access from your Win 8/7 machines.

BTW: The install went very well on my OLD Dell 1564 Laptop. I did however have a time during the install figuring out how to install using a Local Account! MS is making it harder all the time. Note: I installed from USB with a 10041 ISO.