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    Photo file size mystery

    Can anyone explain?

    When I import raw image files (.nef) from my Nikon camera card they are about 30mb each in size. But when I convert them to digital negative files (.dng) using Adobe Bridge so they can be recognized by Photoshop Elements, they jump to average 130mb. 100 extra mb each!

    I also happen to use onOne's Perfect Photo suite for editing. It takes for ever to load the .dng files and everything stops working for minutes. If I happen to have other apps running, it freezes completely my Win 8.1 desktop (it has 8gb of ram). My only solution then has been to pull the power plug because even task manager will not open.

    Has anyone else handled .dng files? Is it normal for them to be so big?

    By screen sharing, a very patient onOne tech guy checked and adjusted my settings - and informed me their Photo suite recognizes the Nikon .nef files. So in one way that solves my problem. I will not in future convert them to .dng.

    But it is still a mystery.

    UPDATE: I should, if I knew how, delete this post. I've realised that I've been looking at the image size rather than the file size. So no mystery. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
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    Under thread tools, you can click on 'mark thread solved'.

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    Also, I'd stay away from the RAW/.raw format, will also save upwards of 20MB for each 3MB .jpg image, at least on Canon cameras. It's a setting in the camera. I've dealt with a person who publishes pictures and for up to an 8"x10" print the 3MP to 6MP files are quite good. Of course larger prints do better with more megapixels but files sizes do increase a bunch and need a larger SD card [or other type].

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