I just wanted to share something that I discovered the other day.

I created a Birthday Slideshow for my future Daughter In Law. I had some pictures but we have only known her for 2 years, so nothing from before that. I got some pictures from her parents, her sister, my son and her Facebook page. Of course, I couldn't use all of them and after the project was done, I wanted to clean up the pictures. The total that I got from all of my sources takes up over 1 GB of storage. I wanted to keep the ones that I used and maybe a few of the others but I don't need all of them.

I was trying to figure out how to know which ones to keep and which ones to delete. I could hover the mouse over each picture and get the name, and write it down but there are over 100 pictures in the show. And, some of them have quite long & unintelligible names, like
C:\Users\Don\Pictures\iCloud Pictures\Shared\Family Share\014ca5b527d15834bed2155db6bcb2b484c844bfc1.j pg

So, I wondered what would happen if I opened the Movie Maker project file, (.wlmp) in a text editor. Well I did it, I used Notepad and I got a long text file but contained, all together, were the names of all of the pictures. I copied the text into Word, stripped out the stuff I didn't need and used Find/Replace to further refine it. I got it all down to a list of the pictures, and then sorted them, so then I could go to each folder and mark the ones I needed to keep. (When I received the pictures, I created a separate folder for each source, to at least keep straight where they came from.

Now it should be easy to go in a clean up the folders. I just thought that maybe someone else could use this technique.