I initially started using IE because it was so fast to start up vs Netscape. I use a local HTML page as home, so it should be fast.
I recently timed start up at 26 sec from mouse click to page loaded, and thats very excessive compared to what it used to be. (I'm running a slow P2 233, but with 192M ram)
I'm using a Cable line, and I have de-selected the proxy server setting in case time is being eaten up doing that check.
I've tried deleting all temp files, starting up in various configurations with everything from bare to my normal AV and ZoneAlarm load, with no improvement. I found a KB article that suggested too many fonts loading could slow down, and I had 284 of the critters. I pared them back to the basics, and improved my time to 16 sec. I added the sr2 update at this stage with no further improvement.
This time is still way off my work setup, with poorer hardware, clocked until the WAN homepage comes up...in the 6 sec range.
Does anyone know what else is going on in the background that could be slowing down?