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    Thumbs up Edge IS the Quicker!

    Ok, this is admittedly not based on any fancy controlled lab testing, not exotic measuring gear used, no Swiss timers.... just my hands-on observations & my eyes.

    I do/did the same things, in the same sites on the same hardware w/ the same Net connection & Edge does everything much more quickly & smoothly than IE. And not by a little, it's blatantly noticeable & substantial.

    Not saying Edge is fine "as is" in terms of Features, functions & functionality... it does have a ways to go. But, as far as stability and being quick, seems very promising.

    And, @ least now, it's working (for me). Won't, @ all, previously/recently. Glad to finally be able to check into it some. Have had high expectations & was anxious to work w/ it & whether it lived up or not.

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    I see no significant speed differences in any of the major browsers - Edge, IE, Firefox, and Chrome. I find usability a much more major concern - it has to handle the sites I use. Both Edge and Chrome don't support Java - a killer for me. (Yes, I know there's a workaround for Chrome but the fix is only supposed to work for a limited time). Edge also doesn't support addons like LastPass and Adblock Plus at this point which is a major issue for me. There is also nothing special with Edge to cause me to change browsers. I have no use for its new features:
    Built in Cortana support
    Reading Mode - makes Windows Secrets Lounge unuseable
    Page Annotations

    Perhaps they will be useful for others

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