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    Batch for commands

    I am suddenly having problems with FOR command (I think).
    I have tried with/without SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION and get similar or identical results: echoing of tokens with:
    echo D=%%D ends up as D=%D. Tim & dat show the command not the result. Here is the code:
    set tmp=C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\xxxx\tmp
    REM For every IP address in ipList
    FOR /F %%A IN (C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\xxxx\ipList.txt) DO (
    REM Loop 8 times with 15 second separation
       FOR /L %%M IN (1, 1, 8) DO (
    time /T
          set tim=time /T
          set dat=date /T
    ECHO TEST TIM=%tim% DAT=%dat%
          ping -n 4 -4 %%A > %tmp%
    REM Get packets dropped
          FOR /F "skip=7 tokens=10 delims= " %%C IN (%tmp%) DO (
             set lost=%%L
    echo tmp=%tmp% C=%%C D=%%D E=%%E F=%%F G=%G% H=%H%
    echo TEST lost= %lost% =%%L
    I have look at it so long I can't see my mistake. TNX

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    You have changed the TMP variable. Windows sets this to a directory for you and you shouldn't change it, just use it as is and supply a file name.
    You haven't closed any of your brackets.
    You are trying to set values from commands that haven't run yet: set tim=time /T
    You have specified which token you want but then use the wrong variable: FOR /F "skip=7 tokens=10 delims= " %%C IN (%tmp%) DO ( set lost=%%L

    I can't see how you manage the 15 second delay?
    Do you want to run the ping 8 times or run it once, then wait before doing the next IP?

    Things you can test
    Using a temporary file: set mytmp=%tmp%\tmpfile.txt
    Set a variable to the current time. Windows provides the current date and time as a variable: echo %time%
    Reading your ping output: for /f "tokens=10" %C in (" Packets: Sent = 4, Receive
    d = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),") do echo %c

    cheers, Paul

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    Well, there should be around three closing right brackets at the end of the file, for a start!
    You don't ever set the variables %%D, or %%E, or %%F...

    In the final FOR command, should your tokens=10 be something like tokens=7-10 ?

    I'm off to work so can't investigate further, or offer some "tidy-up" suggestions.
    (Other than that you don't actually need ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION on the SETLOCAL command!)

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