Hi. I have been tasked with creating a customized addin for a new tab in Outlook. I am having trouble finding information and coding to create customized ribbons in Outlook as it is a bit different than in Word or Excel. I understand that I need to create a .com addin and I did that using VB 6 which seems to work ok. However, I have a program (Worldox) that works with Outlook and I would like to take their buttons and put it on my new customized toolbar, and I have no idea how to do this. Can this be done? Any coding that I find on the internet in regards to creating an Outlook ribbon all requires Visual Studio. Do I actually need Visual Studio to create customized toolbars in Outlook?

Once I get this ribbon done, I'm being asked to add these Worldox buttons to the toolbar in Outlook that opens with the new e-mail and the reply e-mail toolbars as well. Can I code those toolbars in the same addin?

The coding I have so far is below. The issues I'm having is in the callback Worldox. I noted the areas with comments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Option Explicit  
Dim oOUT As Object
Implements IRibbonExtensibility
Public Function iRibbonExtensibility_GetCustomUI(ByVal RibbonID As String) As String
   iRibbonExtensibility_GetCustomUI = GetRibbonXML    
End Function

Public Function GetRibbonXML() As String
    Dim sRibbonXML As String   
     sRibbonXML = "<customUI xmlns=""http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui"" >" & _
                "<ribbon>" & _
                "<tabs>" & _
                "<tab id=""CustomTab"" label=""MR Ribbon"" insertBeforeMso=""TabMail"">" & _
                "<group id=""Group1"" label=""New"">" & _
                "<button id=""Grp1Btn1"" label=""New MR E-mail"" imageMso=""MailMergeStartMailMergeMenu"" size=""large"" onAction=""MREmail"" />" & _
                "<control idMso=""MailNewItemMenu"" label=""New Items"" size=""large"" /> " & _
                "</group >" & _
                "<group id=""Group2"" label=""Worldox"">" & _
                "<button id=""Grp2Btn1"" label=""Move"" size=""large"" onAction=""Worldox"" />" & _
                "<button id=""Grp2Btn2"" label=""Copy"" size=""large"" onAction=""Worldox"" />" & _
                "</group >" & _
                "</tab>" & _
                "</tabs>" & _
                "</ribbon>" & _
    GetRibbonXML = sRibbonXML
End Function

 Sub MREmail(ByVal control As IRibbonControl)
    Dim item As MailItem
    Select Case control.Id
        Case "Grp1Btn1"
            Set item = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
            item.Subject = "MR File: "
        Case Else
            'do nothing
    End Select
End Sub

Sub Worldox(ByVal control As IRibbonControl)
    Dim Addin As COMAddIn
    Dim automationObeject As Object
    Set Addin = Application.COMAddIns("Worldox Interface 2010") 'Not sure if I'm using the right name?  This is what shows up in the Com Addins list in Outlook.
    Select Case control.Id
        Case Is = "Grp2Btn1"
            Addin.Object ("MovetoWorldox")  'Obviously this isn't right -- I'm at a loss.
        Case Is = "Grp2Btn2"
            Addin.Object ("CopytoWorldox")  'Same here
        Case Else
            'do nothing
    End Select