long involved story about why I need to do this, but that part is not relevant. I am not expert, if my terminology is incorrect, I apologize.
My wife has a hp Win 7 computer with Office 2010. She now wants to use Outlook 2010 as her email client, rather than Yahoo mail.
I set up yahoo to be the program which gets email in Outlook. However, she has over 600 people in her contact list in Yahoo, too many to re-type.
I went to Yahoo and exported the contact list. 1st. in MS Outlook and then in Yahoo-csv. When the file showed up on my desktop, I got message saying something like,' if I save it as csv I would lose some features; if I do want newer features, I need to save as the newer form of Excel'.
So I have done it both ways '.csv' and 'xlsx'.
Actually, I went back and did all this duplicate work after the 'csv' for of the MS Outlook download did not work.
When I tried to import the data into Outlook, I got this message

"Translation error[ this was heading of the ‘window’ showing the problem]
A file error has occurred in CSV translator while initializing a translator to build a field map
Outlook unable to retrieve the data from file.[here is location and name of file]
Verify that you have correct file, that you have permission to open it, and that it is not open in another program."

As I implied above, I tried downing the contacts from yahoo several ways, saved the excel files two ways, without success.
I then tried on two of my machines. One Win 8.1, one Win 7; each with Outlook 2010.
Both of them imported contacts with no trouble at all.
Based on this and the error message, I figure the issue must be something about 'permissions'. However, I have no idea what this really means.
All of the machines are for just one person, each operate as 'administrator' . So I have no idea how to go from here. Any ideas, anyone??