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    Windows Search Question

    I tried a search on Windows Search and didn't get any returns, so my apologies if I'm duplicating a thread.

    Sometimes, though not always, when I bring up the Win file search dialogue box in Win8.1 and start typing, it can take as long as 15 seconds before what I'm typing shows up on screen. I've got a pretty fast box (Intel Core I-7 4790k with 16 GB of ram) which plenty of spare capacity, so best I can figure, Windows decides to do something at just that moment (maybe update the index), or it's giving something else a much higher priority. My first, primitive PC in the 1980s always showed what I typed as soon as I pressed a key, so this seems like something a modern PC should be able to do. It's annoying because I have to wait to see if I've typed what I intended and if I think I made a typo, I have to wait before I can fix it.

    Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas about the cause or a fix?

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    If you are searching an folder which is not indexed the search may take a long time. You should use the Control Panel to check what is being indexed for search. You may need to add locations to index. Rebuild your index if you add locations. You may also need to rebuild your search index anyway.


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