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    Cool Printing contacts by Category

    When I upgraded from Office 2003 to 2010 using XP, my contacts were not sent over intact. It made duplicates I had to delete. But, I believe Office 2003 made by itself, a custom view of every one of my contact categories. I had about 20 categories for my contacts, such as Friends, Relatives, Work, etc. For each category, I Office 2003 pre-made "custom views." Clicking on one category icon in Current View, brought up the appropriate list. Not only could I view each category quickly, but I can print a list which I keep in a notebook by my kitchen telephone.

    When I migrated to Windows 7, using the same Office 2010 disk, those custom views disappeared. For a couple years, I suffered; I tried asking several forums without luck. Eventually, i solved it myself. The solution was to make a custom view for each category. It took about 20 minutes to fix this exasperating problem.

    Briefly, here is how you make a custom view: in the Home tab, click "card" in current view. Click the tiny drop down box in the lower right corner and select Manage Views. Click New on the right. Important: Select the Type of View. (You cannot change it later). type in a name if you know it (you can edit it later). Click Filter. Click More Choices. Click Categories. Select/click a category from your master list. Then OK, then OK twice more. If you want to rename it, do so now. Apply View. It should work.

    Follow the procedure twice and you should be able to make a new custom view in about 10 seconds. Custom view are very cool, very powerful.
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