Hi All,

I ran into what seems to be a bug (maybe an annoyance). Anyone else find this and does it exist beyond Excel 97?

I had a sheet in a Workbook that had 4 cells with Validation. 3 of the cells were based on a list elsewhere on the sheet while the 4th cell was based on a list entered into the dialog box itself.

When I moved the sheet into another workbook, the drop-down arrows on the 4 cells did NOT appear when I selected any of those cells. But when I entered an invalid value, I got the expected error msg. Further, when I checked the Data | Validation for each of the cells, the original info from the other workbook was still there.

I tried this again. This time, 1 of the 4 cells showed the arrow; the other 3 did not.

When I copied the sheet, rather than moving it, I got all the drop-down arrows.