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    Thinkpad t540p won't recognize iphone 4S

    Purchased t540p from Lenovo in Nov. 2014.

    Lots of unanticipated surprises like multifunction keys and no "led" hard drive indicator.

    Big problem:

    Could not use Laplink PC Mover Pro to migrate from earlier t61. Done many times on different PCs.

    Error was "pc mover not connected". Used orange pc mover cable that worked before. Tried every usb port.

    After many hours, gave up, used windows easy file transfer (looked lot like pc mover), and transferred data.

    Reinstall took 8 hours.


    Second problem (BIGGER)

    t540p will not connect to wife's iphone4s.

    Just get series of beeps.

    Tried lots of trouble shooting tips; usb drivers are marked Intel

    Iphone 4s connects fine on wife's Dell with same cable that not works on t540p.

    Lenovo diags says usb ports are fine.

    Can't get on Lenovo forums.

    Thoughts, please.

    Jack Cadogan
    Lenovo info:

    sn R90B7HBW

    model no 20BECTO1WW
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