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    Need Microsoft Office 2013 advice

    I plan on installing either Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 or Microsoft Office 365 Personal on my sons Win7 laptop, which he uses both at work & at home
    --- I was recommending Home & Student 2013 but now I suspect Office 365 Personal is more suited to his needs
    --- I did a little research on using them and I have a few questions
    --- Since we live quite a few miles apart I’d like to be able to get him off to a good start
    --- He’s presently using Microsoft - Office Standard 2007 on his Vista laptop so I believe he’ll be able to adjust to whichever version of Office 2013 he decides to go with

    How can I create a Word document “template” that suits his needs without upsetting the global templates?
    --- For example to have the line and paragraph spacing to his liking so he doesn’t always have to adjust them manually himself?
    I bought Microsoft Office 2013 for Dummies and found how “To create a new document from a template”
    --- What I can’t find is how to create a “dedicated template based on how a person wants to use what they do”

    Then I have another Word document “template” I want to consider for myself for when I visit him and use his laptop
    --- I like my documents to have the document title and page number of page numbers to always be included in the Header as I version my documents
    --- Can I create such a “template”?
    --- If not, can I create a Macro to run and adjust the Word document to do so automatically?

    BTW, I still use Microsoft Office 2000 and having the document title and page number of page numbers to always be included in the Header hasn’t been a problem

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    You can certainly create templates.

    See Templates in Microsoft Word. In particular, follow the link to John McGhie's "How to Create a Template, Part 2." The template you are currently using should work fine in Word 2013. I assume it is not the Normal template but a custom document template.

    You can put the document title in the headers using the StyleRef Field.

    I have a feeling that although you have been using Word for many years, you are not making much use of its features. See Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word.

    You will not be able to use or edit Word 2013 .docx documents in Word 2002. You could use them in Word 2003.
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