I still have an XP Pro SP3 computer on my network that I run occasionally for testing some software that I don't want to 1st expose to my Win 7 computers. All updates are manual--not automatic. I have been running the Windows firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials for years.

Whenever I get an update notice from Microsoft, such as for NET.Framework or Office 2007, I check it 1st on Windows Secrets Patch, and if OK, I accept in for installation.

Recently I have been having a strange problem. My Office updates download and are installed normally. Not so the NET.Framework ones. Once selected, I get the normal 'The updates are being installed' screen, and then I get the 'Installation complete' screen. I don't get a notice that says I have to reboot (can't remember if NET.Framework requires reboot or not), but I always reboot.

After I reboot, I get the notice from Microsoft that I have updates. The SAME updates that I just apparently installed are again listed! The Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs screen does NOT list the updates as being installed.

I have tried this three times so far today, and get the same results. Any idea what the problem is, and how I overcome it?