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    Question Parental control in Windows 8 apps

    Are there any parental controls that actually work on a machine using Windows 8.1 to block adult content from the metro style apps downloaded from the store? I have found a few video viewer/downloader apps that Kaspersky does not block adult content. I have contacted Kaspersky several times about the problem but have had little success in getting the issue resolved. All they tell me to do is to block the sites in question but that is insufficient since adult content still appears in the thumbnails. I also do not want to completely block the sites since I do want to view videos that do not contain adult content.

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    I'm not sure, but, maybe an update to date version of Net Nanny or something similar might help out.
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    How to use parental controls in Windows 8

    K9 Web Protection may also be useful.

    But it's difficult for any software to block only adult videos but not others from the same source unless that site has its own rating system.
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