After pulling up the IE browser, and begin typing in the search bar; if I type beyond half the length of the search bar, the text disappears. I can't see any text from the half way point of the search bar to the end of the bar.
I have no clue as to what is causing this problem. With windows 8.1, I understand that IE 11 is the default browser and I can't roll back to an earlier IE browser. I have tried going to windows update and clicked on installed updates, then clicked on turn windows features on or off. I turn off IE 11,I then rebooted my PC, and turned IE 11 back on. The problem still exists. I don't know what to do about it. I appreciate any suggestions on how I may be able to fix that problem.

Another problem I have with IE 11 is; Video playback on a certain website which is the I use red box often. I like to view the move trailers before I rent a movie. When I click on the trailer I get a black box. I am able to play videos through you tube, new egg videos to install computer hard ware etc.
In the IE browser tools, I clicked on compatibility view settings then added the redbox website, rebooted my PC and tried playing a movie trailer on and the problem is still not resolved.
I recently wiped my c drive clean and reinstalled my OS and began the process of reinstalling my programs. So my OS is a fresh install. Any thoughts on how I might can fix it? Thanks in advance for any help with these problems. By the way, the above problems do not occur in my Opera browser.