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    can not save a .dbf file in windows7

    i could not open any pdf file off of internet (using ie11). i notice that i had just upgraded the day befor to adobe reader 11.xx so i uninstalled and reinstalled with adobe reader 10. i could now open and print pdfs from internet. i tried to download adobe reader 11 put the download would not save or open, gave me an error. i reset internet explorer to default but did not work. now i am trying to open dbf files to print. and save so i can print but they will not save. it acts as if the files are being saved as .dbfs, but when i go look for them in folder they are not there. Could someone give me some help as to what may be going on with files and also why i cannot download?

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    Your message is seriously garbled.

    PDF files are the native file format of Adobe Acrobat and are meant for human-readable documents. DBF files are the native file format of dBase III and IV and are meant for highly structured database files. Neither have anything to do with each other, and they don't have much to do with Internet Explorer either.

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    Ok, are you using Explorer.exe [icon has a folder pic] to find and pick a dbf file? Then, what program does Explorer hand off the dbf file to? MS Office, Libre or Open Office?
    Are you back on Reader 10 or 11, or, no reader installed? I don't know what you've been able to successfully reInstall - 10 or 11.
    As we separate the wheat [what you want] from the tares [what you're getting], we will get a better picture on how to help.
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