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    Microsoft Word and file opening issue

    Windows 7 Home with MS Office 2007 installed. The issue is specific to

    WORD. If we open the WORD application and then navigate to a file, the

    file opens OK. If on the other hand, we navigate to a file, we get an

    error message...."There was a problem sending the command to the

    program." I've already researched the web for answers and tried 3

    different solutions offered to no avail. We did a repair via the

    Office CDs and that did not fix the problem.

    Here is another observation: If we navigate to an EXCEL file, EXCEL

    opens the file "DIRECTLY" with no problems. The EXCEL files are in the

    same folder as the WORD files. If we attempt to open a WORD file, we

    will get a USER ACCOUNT CONTROL window first and then the error

    message. The USER ACCOUNT CONTROL window does not appear when opening

    an EXCEL file.

    Looking at the Control Panel and Default programs, the DOCX and DOC

    extensions are all properly set to be opened by Microsoft Office 2007


    Any ideas on how to solve this one will be appreciated. We have

    thought about reloading WORD but I frankly to not think this is an

    application problem. I believe this to be a file linkage to the

    program problem.

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    Thanked 145 Times in 142 Posts's Windows Repairs (All in One)'s File Associations module might be all you need. If the program coughs up a few default checked boxes -- accept and run, best to run in Safe Mode with Networking.
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