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    add delay in macro (excel97+)

    During the running of a large macro I open a file named c:whatever.xls
    The next step is to select a certain range of the newly opened file for copying however Excel generates an error due to the fact that Excel wants to select cells before the new called for file is fully open. Is there a way to create a "pause/delay/ wait ???" before calling the select range in the newly opened file?

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    Re: add delay in macro (excel97+)

    You should post this to the VBA forum but I'll answer it here. I can think of a few solutions so take your pick...

    1. create global flag/boolean which is set to true when the other file is completed opened (it is set to TRUE in the workbook_open event of this file). The 'waiting' script loops until this flag is TRUE and then continues with what it needs to do once it knows this file is open.
    <pre>Public WaitForFile as Boolean

    private sub workbook_open()
    WaitForFile = True
    end sub

    ' In your other code do this...
    while not WaitForFile
    ' do nothing

    ' now continue with your code since the other workbook is open

    2. You can use Application.Wait to wait for a specific time but that's kind of dangerous since you never know exactly how long to wait (many variables can affect how long it takes to open).

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