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    Can't connect to my Google products

    Hello People,

    Yes, I cannot connect with any of my Google products, like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and my local e-mail provider that uses the same Google platform.

    I have no problems when connecting to other non-Google sites, like banks, etc.

    By the way I'm using Win8.1 PRO 64 bits on a DELL Latitude notebook.

    This is driving me crazy. I am no expert on computers and don't want to tweak with things out of my knowledge.
    If you can help me, please do it using a simple laguage that any non expert can understand.


    Alberto Flores
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    Do you have another computer, so you can test whether it's something special with your one computer, or if it's something common over a wider area.
    Check with friends or neighbors who allso use the same internet provider.

    If other PC's using the same ISP exhibit the same condition, then call your ISP and ask them if they are blocking Google for any reason.

    Do let us know what you find out.

    The Doctor
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