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    Manually update fields and bookmarks in document and bookmark not updated on opening or printing

    I have Microsoft office 365 and windows 8.1. I find that when I select (ctrl a) and then hit f9 where it used to prompt to update all the fields it no longer does. in office 365. if I unlock the function key and hit f9 it brings up windows short cuts.But on printing the fields update or prompts for updates.
    However in neither case will the bookmark update either with f9 or on printing or on opening.
    Unlike in previous version of office under windows 7
    Anything that I am doing wrong or not thinking of.
    this is not one document related.
    Thanks JK

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    Ctrl-A, F9 has never produced a prompt to update all fields - only those fields that generate their own update prompts (eg TOC, FILLIN) do that. So, if your document only contains cross-references, for example, you won't get a prompt. If your fields aren't updating, check that they aren't locked (e.g. use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-Shift-F11 to unlock all fields) and that Word's 'update fields before printing' option is checked.
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