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    Delay Start Of Project

    The Scenario - The start of a previously planned project is delayed by 6 months. How do I slip the start date and every activity in the plan by exactly 6 months, whilst keeping all activity delays, laggs and dependencies etc the same? Changing the start date in 'Project Information' does not achieve the desired result. N.B The activity constraints are all 'Start no earlier than'

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    Re: Delay Start Of Project

    there is a field called leveling delay. If you insert that column into any table (entry) you can enter a delay duration (6 mo) for the beginning task and it will move the tasks and any links it has with it without putting in a constraint. However, if you have other tasks that are not linked to that chain you will have to delay those tasks individually. Although.... one alternative solution is to create a custom form that has the leveling delay field. You could then select all of your tasks and apply the form and it willinput all the delays at one time!
    to create a custom form, I usually right click on a toolbar and select the custom form toolbar. I then click on the far right button (forms). Click new. name it, click ok. go to Item, select text, delete the word text by backspacing and type Delay Duration. go to Item again and select fields. Select the Leveling Delay field. Fiile to Save, File to exit. You will have to select all of your tasks before applying the form. You can do that by clicking on the grey square just to the left of the indicator column. Then click on forms again and apply your form. Type in 6 mo and it will delay your project.

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    Re: Delay Start Of Project

    <A target="_blank" HREF= h=true&Forum=proj&Words=&Match=StarPost&Searchpage =0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=37070>Look here </A> for a useful tip.

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