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    Dalayed Write Failure

    I installed a new Asus P4B266 MB yesterday on the system with WinXP. This is the MB that couples the P4 with DDR memory with an Intel chipset. All in all, the system is working very well and much more lively than the old PIII 500. However, an odd problem has cropped up that maybe someone will have an idea for...

    I use the backup utility that is part of WinXP. I have two types of media that I use. One is a Traven 20 G SCSI tape drive and the other is a 20 G disk that is in the PC. Using the disk today, when I was making a new ASR the backup stopped with the error: Windows- Delayed Write Failed. Windows was unable to save all of the data for the file.......... It goes on to suggest that this is probably a hardware error.

    Just to check the drive, I used Ontrack's Powedesk to Sync a 1 G directory from the primary disk to this backup disk; it went OK.

    I suspect that there must be a setting somewhere that's doing this. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Dalayed Write Failure

    Did you find a solution to the problem? I have now encountered a similar problem. Any advice?

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