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    MS Access harvesting from MS Outlook on Server

    Hello, all. I've created a small MS Access 2010 app that harvests data from incoming email via MS Outlook 2010 (IMAP to a corporate Exchange server). Works fine, but I need to place it on a Windows 2008 R2 server where it can continue to run until our permanent solution is in place (under development). I have a Generic AD account to authenticate on the network and am using a generic email account, so no personal credentials need be involved. How do I ensure both Access and Outlook are running at all times on the server? Any info appreciated.

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    Your app will run Outlook for you, so the real question is "how do I make sure my app is running all the time".
    You can either make the program into a service:
    Or have the server console auto-logon and put your app in the start up group:

    The first is great if you don't need to interact with the app, the second if you do. The second also makes the console available to anyone who wanders up to the server so you need a password and screen lock.

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. Make sure your permanent app is created as a service. This is the only way to run server apps.

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