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    Internet connection lost intermittently

    I am running W7 on a home network. Nothing fancy, just another computer, TV and printer.

    The problem is I lose internet connectivity intermittently. It may last a short time, it may last longer and happens a number of times a day. Normally I access the modem wirelessly but when I lose the connection I have also connected on occasion the Ethernet connection which did not change the situation - still no connection. I might add the light display on the modem/router shows all the lights that are normally on including the Internet.

    Note this is an ADSL line with a Billion 7800nl modem router.

    I have run IPCONFIG /ALL to see what is happening but really do not know what I am looking for.

    When I lose the connection so do all other devices using the connection.

    How do I start diagnosing this?

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    Access the router stats/logs and look for 'showtime' changes and disconnects during those times, it could be your line being reset at the exchange, if it happens more than a couple of times each week, it might be that the exchange is detecting some fault in your data throughput and each time it resets, it loads a slightly different IP profile/changes the interleaving or some such.

    When it happens as frequently as yours does, suspect interference, possibly from a bad connection in the 'phone wiring/extensions, etc. - connect the router directly into the main BT faceplate - internally and run some speed tests (thinkbroadband is good, with an account, you can save all the test outputs for ease of comparison). Once reconnected 'normally' to the external faceplate, run more test to check for differences

    These sites should help troubleshooting:

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    In my experience of the problem as described in the #1 post the first thing to check is that any phones connected to the line have filter/splitters correctly connected. If filter/splitters are not connected correctly ADSL Internet connection may work fine until someone tries to call your phone# or someone in the household tries to call an outside number.

    If you hear static/crackle on the phone line then you need to check with your provider. They should be able to run a "line test" to check your connection.
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    If everything checks out with the previous suggestions and your ISP can't find anything wrong with your line, then checking for a firmware update would be the next course - or a factory reset.

    While I know the 7800NL exists, I'm unable to find any listing for it at - is this an UK router ?

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