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    Off-the-record discussions about technology


    Off-the-record discussions about technology

    By Tracey Capen

    Get a group of techies together, and there's bound to be some interesting discussions — such as how to revive old technology. Also: A handy tool for discovering local IP addresses, and another unscheduled batch of updates from Microsoft.

    The full text of this column is posted at (opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.
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    I have something similar to what was described above with wanting to dial a deskphone from my computer. I have an ObiHai VoIP box attached to the inside of my router and also to an old POTS deskphone with wireless headset. The ObiHai box used to connect directly to Google Voice, now it attaches to PhonePower for $36/year. That provides the equivalent of a landline.

    Going further, I have a Google Voice account that includes references to that VoIP line. On my screen while using Chrome, with the Google Voice extension installed, I can either open a dialing window or click on a link and get my deskphone to ring me, then dial out. This lets me use my PC to dial my phone.

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    Tracy, your request for topic suggestions in last week's article got ignored in the interesting photography posts, so I'll add mine here. I have 2 broad categories which don't get much play here, but imo could be very useful and interesting to WS readers.

    1. Windows Interacting:
    Photography is a great example. Ways to have Windows make the digital photo workflow easier and better. Music composition. Ham radio. Internet radio station. Drone flying.
    Anyway that Windows can usefully interact with other consumer techs.

    2. Windows Automation:
    AutoHotKey, AutoIt, Macro Express [dev discontinued?], Macro Scheduler and similar. From simple stuff like filling in the same settings every time you run a program, to more demanding like scraping changing data from websites, and anything else you fancy in between.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Mike. The automation story is one that fits nicely with WS. Windows in consumer technology is interesting. We'd have to find tech products such as the ones you list that use Windows. I suspect no many. But there are sure to be areas where Windows intersects.

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