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    Color in title bars gone?

    I'm not sure where I set it -- it may have been in a Windows 7 setup that I then installed the (earlier) build on...I had the active window title bar as dark red and white letters. Now they are just black on white. Isn't that what Office went to in the latest versions? Is Windows going to stay that way, or will the ability to change the colors around come back eventually?

    Color in the active window makes it a lot easier to track for us visually-challenged users.

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    I have only just updated to build 10130, and at some time since Feb it appears the option to set a title bar colour (and to differentiate between active and non-active windows for desktop apps) has been removed. Now it seems that the colour is a constant light grey for all desktop apps. Playing with the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors can still alter the window background (but only affects some programs, like Notepad and task manager, but excluding Explorer) but changes to ActiveTitle and InactiveTitle have no effect.

    I can't believe that MS intend to leave it like this! What are they thinking of? They've got just over a month to sort everything out, and they are messing about removing customising capability, rather than improving it (don't talk about the sad apology for a Start Menu).

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