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    How to download Gmail Inbox into an editable MS Word .doc file?

    How to download Gmail Inbox into an editable MS Word .docfile?

    I have a Gmail Inbox with a number of messages from variouspeople.I would like to download theentire Gmail Inbox into a MS Word .doc file so that I can edit the text of theemails.I have figured out how todownload the Gmail Inbox into an MBOX file, but MS Word won't open thatformat.How can I convert the MBOX fileinto something that MS Word can edit?Google displays several conversion programs but I'm not sure whetherthey are reliable or virus free.Thanksin advance for any suggestions of a reliable conversion program, or some other way to accomplish my goal.

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    You might try this functionality already built in to Gmail and Google Drive...

    You could then download the PDFs and open/save them in Word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkhan1 View Post
    Ok, I'm just a little confused.

    See, I'm trying to contact this Organization via e-mail; on their website, all their contact links open up Microsoft Outlook.

    I don't have Outlook set up on my computer, so I just sent them an e-mail via the internet/yahoo.

    So my question is, if they only check their mail with Outlook, will they ever recieve my non-Outlook e-mail?


    And p.s, I honestly had no idea where to post this, so I apologize in advance.
    Update: Really. I just need to know if I can communicate with someone who has Outlook, if I don't have it.

    Clicking on an email contact link opens the default mail client on your computer, so you can send an email to the address specified in the contact link.

    Your default mail client could be anything (Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook) and it wouldn't make any difference "where" the email gets sent. It's just "what" sent it. You can call someone on your cell phone, or your work phone. Same principle.

    You can email anyone with a valid email address, no matter what email address they use, or what email client they use to send and receive their email.

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    To clarify, Outlook is just an email client. Sending mail with Outlook does not prevent you reading it in any other email / webmail client and vice versa.

    cheers, Paul

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