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    SSD reliability after sudden power loss

    This study was done by The Ohio State University and HP Labs...

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    I could not find any reference to drives losing data if not powered up in the report by Zheng. What it does say is that sudden power failures can result in data loss/corruption.

    I would therefore recommend a full disk test after power failure and a daily backup, of course.

    cheers, Paul

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    The Zheng tests were done by cutting the DC supply, Paul, that's pretty artificial in itself, given that the vast majority of power cuts/failures originate from the AC side and any good PSU would 'soften' that blow with their 16ms+ hold up times, which might give the SSD controllers enough time to shut off gently, esp. those that have a super-capacitor already built in for power protection.

    Any decent server room hosting SAS drives should be backed up by good UPS/generator backup and have a controlled temperature anyway, this lecture feels like it's warning against server hosting companies not to be too cheap, maybe because the RMAs from them were hitting HP's profit margins.

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    Of interest: Here in South Africa, we have been experiencing organised power cuts as a result of poor/inadequate maintenance of the national power grid. These cuts are usually scheduled, and last about two hours. By consulting the schedules, one can ensure that sensitive items are properly shut down/switched off before the power cuts occur. However, on occasions various factors result in un-scheduled cuts that can strike whilst one is using equipment or appliances. I have been "caught" twice whilst working on my desktop. I immediately removed the power plug from the wall and waited for power to be restored. In both cases, my system powered up (re-booted) with no problems once power had been restored. (My SSD did not "lose its memory"!!!)
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    I split these posts from a different thread as they seemed they should stand on their own


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