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    SlimCleaner - 'Windows update' entry in Advanced tab

    I have just re-installed Windows 7 and installed SlimCleaner.
    In the Advanced tab is an entry 'Windows update'. The words linked to the entry state "Installation files left by the Windows Autonmatic Service". Out of curiosity I ticked the box and got a report stating there were 50224 files totallng 1.1GB.
    In the SlimCleaner User Guide, page 11, it has "... advised that you do not uninstall any Windows Updates unless you experiencing a problem with an update for which uninstalltion is a known solution". That implies I leave well alone. But, if I had a problem where uninstalltion is the solution I would need to remove all of the 50224 files.

    Has anyone got experience of removing the files and what was the impact?
    I am in the position where I have a Macrium image and, if the removal goes wrong, I can reinstate the image which would leave the 50224 files in situ.

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    SlimCleaner? Do not trust.

    Scamware ("come in sucker, have a cigar, sit yerself down and we'll sell you a car").

    Uninstall SlimCleaner (and any other "slimware" program) from Control Panel\Programs and Features.

    To remove malware/scamware/PUPs from your computer see:
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    SpyBot Search and Destroy (look for the v2.4 version)
    Junkware Removal Tool (JRT):

    "Slimware", "DriverUpdate", "SystemOptimizerPro", "Registry Optimiser", and many other "come-in sucker" promotions promise to do wonderful things to improve your computer's performance. But the reality is that in almost all, if not 100% all, cases such programs are really "scamware" intended to infiltrate your computer for the vendor's advantage. This is how they collect all kinds of information about how you use your computer, what websites you visit, which adverts you respond to, etc.
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