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    Warning messages (97)


    How can I aotumatically anwser yes or no to a pop up box each time so that i dont have to see it everytime. I run a macro that exports to a given file, i want it to overwrite that file always without prompting me. Details are greatly appreciated.

    PS- Why is this place called Woody's lounge, just wondering?


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    Re: Warning messages (97)

    Try the following code snippet somewhere before you start the export process:

    Docmd SetWarnings False

    Do the export, then turn warnings back on with

    Docmd SetWarnings True

    I'm not sure it will kill the overwrite file warning, as that may be issued at the OS level rather than, but it will stop the Access messages from being displayed. Hope this helps.

    (BTW, it's called Woody's Lounge because the whole thing got started by a guy named Woody Leonard who used to live in Colorado - WOPR was one of his inventions - he has also written many books, all in a very irreverant style. He also publishes several electronic newsletters that you might find valuable - try <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> for more details.

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