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    Networking Blues

    Good morning,
    I have a fiber connection to a remote location using a Linksys Router at that location which was working well until recently. About 2-weeks ago we had a thunderstorm come thru the area and had a lightning strike in the general area. The strike took out my (and my neighbors) voice and data (fiber) lines. The phone company was dispatched the following day and in my case they replaced their Fiber interface, Voice Interface, the Voice UPS and declared it all working & left. The Voice line was indeed working, but I'm still trying to get the Data line working. Now here is the issue.

    I pay for a static IP address
    If I connect a PC directly to the Interface block inside the house (bypassing the router), I'm getting a dynamic address (not my static IP address), but I'm able to connect to the internet.
    If I connect the Router to the Interface block, the local Internet is working fine, but none of the PC's are able to connect to the Internet. It shows no Internet access is available. I've verified ALL of the settings and they are identical before and after. I've tried three different routers and none of them are permitting access to the Internet. I've tried setting the router up as a "static IP" (as it alwasy been used) and as a "Dynamic", neither configuration works.

    And I'm getting no assistance from my Phone company, once they saw a connection from their notebook to their fiber, they decided it's a Router issue and washed their hands of the problem.
    Now what I don't understand is why I'm not seeing my static IP address when I plug a PC directly in to the Interface block (bypassing the router). Sounds to me like they still don't have the Static IP address setup correctly.
    I was told by someone that the Fiber Interfaces have a Mac Address and that they have to associate that Mac Address with the address assigned to me, but I can't get the phone company to respond.

    Ideas ? Thanks!

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    Is there a router you could borrow to try?

    As far as the static IP is concerned, I'm afraid your only course is to keep badgering the phone company. They are the ones responsible for its management.


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    I think Joe is right. The phone company needs to step up and resolve the static IP issue. Maybe then the issues w/ routers inline will be clearer or may be disappear


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