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    Compile Error: Can't find project or library (Word97 SR-2)

    I have very large old WordBasic macro system that has been running quite well on Word 97 with very few modifications. The system has a shared template on a network directory that contains all our macros and the WorkGroupTemplates path is set to this shared network directory. I've placed a shortcut to the shared template in the Word/StartUp folder so it will be loaded automatically.

    I have installed it on many computers at my office (and at home) but on another network system I get the error message:

    Compile Error:
    Can't find project or library

    I searched the Microsoft Support website and they said it might be a virus, but it was checked out without any virus found.

    Does anyone have any idea what "project or library" may be missing? Or how to track it down? Thanks for any help provided as I have completely hit a... <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15>

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    Re: Compile Error: Can't find project or library (Word97 SR-2)


    It's possible that your template's macro project contains a reference to a project or library, which is missing on this other network system.

    To test for this: open your template on one of the computers where it's working fine, then press Alt+F11 to go to the VB Editor.
    In the VB Editor, go to Tools > References - this will display a References dialog.
    Everything with a checkmark next to it is an active reference in that project (i.e. in your template). Make note (or do a screen snap!) of what is checked in that dialog.

    Then open the template on the network where you're getting the compile error. Go to the VB Editor and check the References dialog there.
    Are there any references which were there on the first computer, but which are missing on this one? (You may even see the offending one with [MISSING] appended to the name.)

    If this does prove to be the case, you then need to determine whether this reference is really needed for your project to run, or whether it just got added inadvertently. If it really is needed, then you would need to arrange to get the missing project or library loaded on this network.


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