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    Microsoft Access 2010 Training Recommendations

    I have an employee that needs training on Microsoft Access 2010. We are looking to provide a computer bases training course. He knows SQL and has advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, but has been having a difficult time using the Access application and needs training. It would be nice if the course had something introductory and then focused on more intermediate to advanced topics. There are 1,000s of options online and I was looking to see if anyone has a recommendation of courses they have used or other employees have used at your company. If you do not have a specific recommendation, if you could provide advice on a place to look for rating or rankings on how people have reviewed Microsoft courses to provide me more direction.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    I would certainy consider Microsoft's Office Training and Tutorials...
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    Many local colleges often have "Business Education" programs that offer courses on topics like Access. Often they are held at night or on weekends; depending on how often they meet, they usually last only a few weeks, so its not like enrolling for a semester.
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