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    10130 Up and Running in Hardware

    After a couple of false starts, my upgraded-to-10 Windows 7 Pro desktop has made it from 10122 to 10130. The install took, until I logged in, then said there was a problem requiring that I logoff and then log on again. In addition, if the problem couldn't be repaired, I'd have to re-install. No indication of what the problem was, no error code or anything.

    I logged off, logged on, and it's up and running. Everything seems to have carried through, programs and settings etc. I haven't tried my standard user account yet; that's next.
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    After 10130 finished installing it started to the login screen. Strange because I use a local account without a password. I just clicked the arrow beside the password box and it went to the Desktop.

    Hasn't done that again since. But did have to turn off "Fast Startup" as detailed in my #25 post at:
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