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    Importing file names and listing

    I just posted this on the Office Applications/Spreadsheets section and then I saw this group so I thought I'd post here as well.

    I'm not sure what application is best to use but I have a serious need to revamp my website and the first order of business is to list all the HTML files associated with it. I'll be using Dreamweaver to do the actually revamp but getting the files listed and arranged in some order is what this is about. This is my astronomy imaging website and the HTML files are numbering at present 1,202. Now some of these are automatically generated files such as those related to my weather station uploads every 30 minutes and aren't of any concern. What I'm looking at is trimming the older image pages where later, better images have been taken. Each new image these days will have a minimum of 6 html files generated. The main page showing a small version of the object and the data about the object with links to 3 additional sized images, each with their own html page. Then there is the category page such as type of galaxy, nebula, supernova remnant, and so on. Lastly it also gets added to the most recent image page where the last 10 images are posted. Posting the image without the html page leads to the image being posted on a white background which really doesn't work well for astronomy images. With the html page I can control the background color so you don't have such a bright background to what is normally a darker image. A bit easier on the eyes. So anyway, easy to see where the files start to accumulate quickly.

    I'm not experienced with anything much in MS Office which I subscribe to Office 2013 other than Outlook and Word, and Word only really not very advanced as I use it at home only. Is Excel capable of list and arranging these file names or do I need to use another application such as maybe Access? Any suggestions very welcomed.


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    This post violates rule #14 please do Not post a request to multiple forums.

    I've closed this thread in view of that.

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